Our strategy

Catch22's approach for 2015-18 to increase our impact, grow our reach and influence, and bring benefit to more people in need of our support.

Changing the way public services are delivered

Catch22 has been at the heart of public service delivery for over 200 years. Today we work at every stage of the social welfare cycle, supporting 30,000 individuals from cradle to career.

We are commissioned to deliver services including children’s social care, alternative education, apprenticeships and employability programmes, justice and rehabilitation services, emotional wellbeing and substance misuse.

The next three years are a time of both challenge and opportunity for public services. The challenge is a combination of austerity, increased demand and historically poor outcomes. The opportunity is to think differently about how we achieve more for our service users.

We know from experience the difficulties faced in the delivery of these services but Catch22 is an optimistic organisation. Our Strategic Plan outlines the approach we will take to strengthen our business in order to increase our impact through the period 2015 – 2018.

Operating flexibly and innovativelyCatch22 Strategic Plan 2015 - 2018 (Cover)

Leaders of public services know that we can’t keep trying to do more of the same with less. We must look for alternative ways of doing things and we are committed to playing a defining role in that transformation.

In order to deliver measurably better outcomes for our service users we need to be ready to rethink the way that we operate, and the skills and assets we will need to meet that challenge By innovating and taking a tailored approach we’ve already been able to deliver results that buck the trends across all four of our operational markets.

We set out on this journey in 1788. Our goal now, as it was then, is to ‘deliver social benefit by turning chaotic lives around’.