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Apprenticeships: Catch22’s commitment to excellence

Asi Panditharatna discusses Catch22 Apprenticeships and Employability's performance, and setting and exceeding even higher targets.

11 February 2015

As a training and apprenticeships provider we want to be great at what we do. However you don’t become great by just making a wish and waiting it for it to happen. It starts with being committed to being great … and then delivering on this commitment.

At Catch22 we are on a journey. Since 2012, when I began overseeing the Apprenticeships and Employability work, we have continued to make steady improvements.

Being transparent about our performance

The Qualification Success Rates (QSR) were released in January 2015 by the Skills Funding Agency. The QSRs help training providers, our learners, employers and bodies like Ofsted assess the quality of training. The Government uses the QSR as performance indicators for further education and training in England.

It is important to be transparent about our QSR journey since we live in a world where business decisions are made on data.

The 2013/14 QSR data for Catch22 Apprenticeships and Employability tells the following story:

  • 76.4% overall achievement rate, above the national average of 68.9%
  • 81.6% overall achievement rate for 16 to 18-year-olds, above the 71.1% national average
  • 69.1% overall achievement rate for 19 to 23-year-olds, slightly below the 70.3% national average
  • 85% overall achievement rate for 24+ learners, above the 66.8% national average.

This data has continued to improve since 2012 and we still have a way to go before we can say we are a consistently good provider of apprenticeships and employability services.

Looking to exceed national averages

This year we have set a target of 85% to be attained across the board as we believe the national average is a minimum standard to reach and must be exceeded. Once we reach this target we will set a higher target that the great providers (who are also coincidentally Ofsted grade 1) are achieving. Our goal is to emulate the best and then join them.

Data should not be read in isolation however, since it relates to the individual success stories of our apprentices and employers.

Focusing on the journey

We have made a conscious choice to be great and we are improving. However there is more hard work and sleeves to be rolled up to get to where we want to be – and when we get there, we will want to be ever better.

It’s the journey that matters and I know our learners and employers will continue to work with us to ensure we all benefit from our continued improvements.

‘Greatness is not a function of circumstance. Greatness, it turns out, is largely a matter of conscious choice.’ Jim Collins

Asi Panditharatna is the Director of Apprenticeships and Employability at Catch22. Get in touch with Asi and his team here.

Catch22 is proud to be a sponsor of The Voice of Apprenticeship Conference 2015 and a finalist in the Apprenticeships 4 England Training Provider & Apprentice Employer Awards.