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Evidence-Confidence Framework

Realising Ambition has highlighted that successful replication goes beyond just delivering a service to a particular number of children and young people or achieving a particular outcome. It is a lot more nuanced than that.

The Realising Ambition consortium has therefore developed an ‘Evidence-Confidence Framework’ in an effort to capture these nuances.

About this framework

On the left-hand side of the framework are five key ingredients of successful replication, as outlined in our first Programme Insight. These include ingredients related to the service being replicated (for example, is it well-defined so the organisation is clear about what it is delivering?) and to the organisation doing the replicating (for example, do they monitor the outcomes of the people they are delivering the service to?). Alongside each ingredient are four indicators underpinning that ingredient.

Realising Ambition Evidence-Confidence Framework

How are we using this framework?

The framework is primarily designed to help delivery organisations reflect on their own replication and identify areas for development in future.

The Realising Ambition consortium is also using the framework to gauge how successfully each project has replicated upon completion of their delivery. Each indicator is shaded from dark blue to light blue to indicate increasing levels of confidence in the strength of evidence underpinning each indicator.

These ratings are based on a number of measures including the organisation’s performance against the Dartington Social Research Unit’s Standards of Evidence and The Young Foundation’s Organisational Health Scorecard.

This framework is a work in progress.

You can read more about the thinking behind the framework in the second issue of the Programme Insights series. The Realising Ambition consortium is continuing to refine this framework as the programme progresses.

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