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Our annual Social Business Review assesses our work of the past year. It reviews our impact, how we achieved it and what we learnt from our frontline work.

2017/18 was a year of growth for us. We grew our impact significantly; today our 1,922 colleagues and volunteers support 64,741 people in 123 communities across England and Wales - a 47% rise on the previous year.

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Our work builds a better society - one where everyone has good people around them, a purpose, and a good place to live.

We deliver services for young people and families, across justice, education and into employment. Our strong frontline delivery not only changes lives, but gives us direct insight into how the system is working and what needs to change.

People need flexible services; services that adapt, grow and change to account for complexity and personalisation, and the conditions must be created to allow this.

Chris Wright, our Chief Executive

We know what to do, the question is how: the Catch22 Playbook

The Catch22 Reform Playbook is our ‘how to’ handbook, a single approach to reform for all of our people to learn, refer to, pull from, engage with and repeat. It means that whether they're a teacher in Great Yarmouth or a case worker in HMP Leeds, our people approach issues in the same way - and build solutions that work.

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"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." Maya Angelou

Catch22 is made up of 1,922 people from all over the country, brought together by common values. We reflect the communities we work in. All of us believe diversity makes us stronger.

The Catch22 group

The Catch22 Group is a collective of social purpose organisations that Catch22 has brought together for the greater social good. We believe that larger organisations have a responsibility to open up their assets, scale and networks to act as a platform for other organisations to thrive. Local charities should be able to keep their identity and autonomy but operate at scale through this kind of relationship.

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Financing social change

While the availability of public funding continues to decline and service user need increases, we are confident that our solid foundation and financial prudency will enable us to meet those challenges.

Nigel Richards, our Chief Financial Officer

Next year we will maintain and build on our reform strategy to increase our overall impact, not just our size and scale. More than ever we believe that improving lives means doing things differently. We will continue to reform the system, and ourselves.

We need public services that share the goal of helping everyone to be the author of their own life story.

Pamela Dow, our Chief Reform Officer