Young people and families

We work with young people and families in trouble, providing early intervention, targeted and specialist support services to those in crisis, leaving care, missing from home or with substance misuse or mental health problems. Services support people no matter what their situation – and have demonstrated a high success rate.

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Catch22 delivers a wide range of integrated support services designed to help resolve complex difficulties experienced by young people and their families/carers.

Support is provided to people who find themselves in a range of circumstances; they may be missing from home or have emotional, housing or substance misuse issues. We also support families where parents/carers are experiencing domestic abuse, substance misuse, emotional issues, homelessness or unemployment. Whatever the situation, we work alongside young people and their carers to find a way of stabilising their lives.

Read our two-page Young People and Families’ Overview to find out more about our approach.

Catch22’s families services continue to support the troubled families agenda  – and demonstrate high success rates.

Services focus on:

  • early intervention on a range of issues faced by young people, including substance misuse and emotional problems
  • targeted work with troubled families
  • mediation between young people and families and/or families and the wider community
  • family intervention, including anti-social behaviour.

The process

On referral a whole-family assessment is conducted, identifying areas requiring support and establishing an outcomes-focused plan in agreement with the service users.

Catch22 key workers form trusting relationships with young people and families under their care, encouraging them to progress and working in response to individual needs. The support plan is consistently monitored and reviewed, and service users are challenged to remain engaged with the agreement.

Key workers work in close partnership with other local agencies to ensure the full package of care required is available.

Support is provided for 6 to 12 months, with a plan for independence put in place at the end of the work and follow-up assessments conducted six months after closure.

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