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Diversity and inclusion

At Catch22, we value equality, diversity and inclusion. We are wholeheartedly committed to the principle of equality of opportunity, both as an employer and as a provider of services.

Diversity and inclusion is part of what we do every day, working to deliver our vision to build a strong society where everyone has good people around them, a purpose, and a good place to live.

A large group of people from the Catch22 employability team stand in the sunshine in front of a yellow wall.

Within Catch22

Line drawing of a handshake


of our senior leaders are women.

Line drawing of three people, shown using a silhouette of their head and shoulders


of our people are from minority ethnic groups.

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of our people identify as LGBTQ+.

Our commitments

Ban the Box

Catch22 is signed up to Ban the Box which advocates for ex-offenders aimed at removing the check box that asks if applicants have a criminal record from hiring applications.

Disability Confidence

We are a Disability Confident employer which is a government scheme whereby we are committed to recruit and retain disabled people and those with health conditions.

Care Leaver Covenant

We have committed to the Care Leaver Covenant, which means that we offer a support package to care leavers, to aid them in moving forward successfully to the next phase of their lives.

About our commitments

What commitment has Catch22 made to hiring people with convictions?

At Catch22, we firmly believe in the power of second chances and the transformative potential of individuals. We are committed to building an excellent and inclusive culture that embraces diversity, values unique perspectives, and gives everyone a fair chance. Our vision is a strong society where everyone has a good place to live, a purpose and good people around them.

We recognise that the journey of life can involve unexpected twists and turns, and that some individuals may have faced challenges that led to convictions. We firmly believe that these experiences should not define a person’s future and that everyone deserves the opportunity to rebuild their lives, contribute to society, and thrive in a supportive environment.

We firmly believe that diversity strengthens our organisation and enriches our culture. By embracing individuals with convictions as valued members of our team, we foster an inclusive environment that celebrates differences, encourages open dialogue, and promotes personal and professional growth for all.

We understand that individuals with convictions have diverse skills, talents, and experiences that can greatly benefit our organisation and the communities we serve. By offering employment opportunities, we aim to break down the barriers that exist for individuals with convictions, allowing them to reintegrate into society, regain their independence, and achieve personal and professional success.*

We have taken proactive steps to ensure that our recruitment and selection processes are fair and unbiased. We assess candidates based on their skills, qualifications, and potential for growth, rather than solely focusing on their past convictions. We provide a safe and non-judgemental environment where individuals can share their stories and demonstrate their commitment to personal growth and positive change.

Our commitment to hiring people with convictions extends beyond initial employment. We are dedicated to providing ongoing support, mentoring, and professional development opportunities to ensure their long-term success within our organisation. We understand that everyone deserves a chance to learn, grow, and reach their full potential, and we are committed to providing the necessary resources and guidance to facilitate this journey.

Catch22 is excited about the positive impact our commitment to hiring people with convictions will have on both our organisation and the wider community. We hope that other organisations will join us in recognising the value and potential of individuals with convictions and provide them with the opportunities they deserve. Together, we can create a more inclusive and equitable society where everyone has a fair chance to succeed.

*Whilst we have full commitment to inclusivity for individuals with convictions, there may be certain roles within Catch22 which are required to pass certain external vetting requirements. If applicants are unable to satisfy these requirements, we may be restricted in our ability to appoint into such roles. In such circumstances we would offer support and guidance to explore what other suitable opportunities exist within the organisation.

What support does Catch22 offer to care leavers?

For care experienced young people, our commitment to the Care Leavers Covenant involves:

  • Recruitment: providing employment opportunities for care experienced young people within Catch22: applicants will be able to indicate on application forms if they are care experienced,
  • Tracking: monitoring care experienced young people through the recruitment and induction process. and
  • Development: assisting the young person with ongoing career development.

Whilst Catch22 has historically supported care experienced young people through support services, this is a commitment to creating opportunities within our own workforce, offering a specific mentoring service, and ensuring that managers and mentors receive the necessary training and support. Targeted employment opportunities have already been created in some services like National Leaving Care Benchmarking Forum – but this initiative will see the approach embedded across the organisation.