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Apprenticeships Work: The impact my apprenticeship has had on me

This week (5-9 March) is National Apprenticeship Week 2018 and the theme this year is ‘Apprenticeships Work’. Today we're highlighting how an apprenticeship worked for Camilla Sacchetto, who is completing her Level 3 Business and Administration Apprenticeship with Gibbs Hybrid.

09 March 2018

Camilla Sacchetto is completing her apprenticeship with Gibbs Hybrid this week and wanted to tell us about the impact it’s had on her. Camilla received an interview with Gibbs Hybrid through Catch22’s Connect with Work programme, and started working as a Digital Marketing Coordinator, on a Level 3 Business and Administration Apprenticeship in October 2016.

When I discovered apprenticeships, I was amazed by the idea. I had no idea what I wanted to do and I didn’t really think going to university was an option for me. So, when I found out there was an option to do an apprenticeship – learn and still gain experience – I knew that was what I wanted to do. However, as I had finished my education in Brazil, I was worried I wouldn’t have the qualifications needed. That’s when I found Catch22 through Sutton Youth Centre. Catch22 has helped me throughout my whole journey and assured me there was nothing to worry about.

Picture of Camilla Sacchetto, sitting at a desk looking at a computer screen

Doing an apprenticeship has been the best decision I’ve ever made! I have an incredible support system from Catch22 and Gibbs Hybrid – they have been by my side throughout my whole journey, providing all the support and care I need, and then some! A special mention to my Catch22 mentors Nicola Aspinell and Craig Cooper, and to my Gibbs Hybrid mentors, Farida Gibbs, Claire White, Ian Goodman and Kym Storer. The people I met along the way are unquestionably what made the difference for me and made my experience one I will carry forever.

“My apprenticeship has brought to the surface a confidence I never knew I had. It has impacted my professional and my personal development by outstanding amounts, and I now have the knowledge and experience I can’t imagine gaining anywhere else. My apprenticeship led me to the area of business I want to work within – which I now also know I thrive in – and has provided me with incredible opportunities.”

Because of my apprenticeship, I know where my career path can lead and I have the skills to take on more opportunities as they come. This makes me very excited for the future and I am eager to take on more responsibilities at Gibbs Hybrid to flourish in my role.

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