Our manifesto outlines “22 ways to build resilience and aspiration in people and communities” across five key areas. Download your copy.

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Child exploitation

20 Sep 2023

Why frontline voices are critical to the policy making process

Criminal justice

18 Sep 2023

Catch22 Manifesto: Reimagining public services

Four people in suits meet. Two of them shake hands in a greeting, while the others look at them. Overlaid is text that reads "22 ways to build resilience and aspiration".


Child exploitation

7 Jun 2023

Illegal Migration Bill: more harm than good?

17 Mar 2020

Catch22 calls for Government support of voluntary sector organisations

Two people sort charity donations into boxes to give to those in need.


Health and wellbeing

29 Nov 2019

Catch22 joins call to put young people at the heart of General Election

Close-up of a group of children laying on the floor thinking.


19 Nov 2019

Putting people, place and purpose at the heart of politics

A group of young people sitting on the floor having a conversation. They are each holding either a phone or tablet.



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