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Bespoke Services: Behaviour and Attendance Support

Outcomes-focused individual and/or group support for young people and families

4 to 18-years-old | Essex

Catch22 practitioners focus on agreed areas of concern, strengths to build on and desired outcomes for the young person, parent or family being supported.

Following an initial agreement and planning meeting, all involved will receive an agreed plan of action. This could focus on supporting students to improve their understanding of their actions and consequences, and/or helping parents to implement routines and boundaries at home, and working with parents and young people together to improve their understanding of each other and what may be negatively affecting behaviour and/or attendance at school.

Progress will be monitored throughout and a final review will identify and share outcomes with all those involved.

When interventions are focused primarily on attendance, records of attendance before, during and after will also be recorded and shared. Our records can also aid Education Welfare Services in pursuing legal action if necessary.


‘Weekly sessions were held as promised. Parents attended and committed to the plan. Targets were set for the students and reviewed weekly. The student has achieved 100% attendance and punctuality; he is focused and determined to remain on task and return to mainstream school.’
School staff

‘I am confident that if the parent takes on board the techniques and strategies Catch22 has suggested they will have a positive impact on the student’s attendance both now and in the future.’
School staff

‘The project worker has been very flexible in his approach to working with all the students invited to take part in the project. It was clear that all the students on the project were able to quickly develop a positive relationship with the Catch22 practitioner, which has been reflected in their personal development throughout the project.’
School staff

Feedback from senior school/academy staff following spot-purchased student and/or family support packages:

  • ‘The student seems much more settled and calmer about his forthcoming GCSEs’
  • ‘The results were over and above expectations’
  • ‘The student’s behaviour, attendance and attitude improved dramatically as a result of Catch22’s intervention at a crucial time in her education [ie exam period]’.

‘The project worker’s whole approach is great. He explains things well. He’s articulate. Very expressive and totally non-judgmental. He makes helpful suggestions and helps me find solutions. He’s really helped my family and we are really grateful.’

‘It is easier to talk to the Catch22 worker because he is not a teacher and he understands us.’
Young person

In feedback young people have stated that as a result of the help received from Catch22 they:

  • are more confident about what they are able to do
  • have made a lasting change in their life for the better
  • have a positive plan for the future
  • have learnt how to listen to other people’s point of view
  • are more able to influence and control what happens in their life
  • have achieved more than they thought they could
  • have hopes for their future
  • are happier with their life.

Example cost

  • £1,800 to include one day per week over seven weeks with up to six young people/families
  • £600 per student/family for eight sessions including initial and review meetings

Bespoke services

Catch22 has been delivering bespoke services for over 30 years. Services are commissioned on a one-off or a long-term basis and are co-designed with commissioning organisations, with delivery and costs tailored to the specific needs and budget requirements of the commissioning organisation.

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