Plan.Do – Youth action planner and tracker

Plan.Do – the youth planner and tracker app that helps young people record valuable life skills

Plan.Do is a free digital planner and tracker that empowers young people to record valuable life skills and then translate them for professional settings. Plan.Do works on any device with an internet connection and a web browser. Take a look:

Launched in March 2014, Plan.Do has already helped well over 1,000 young people and professionals to plan, track and evidence social action, supporting the work of organisations like Affinity Sutton, The Bidgley Power Foundation, Centrepoint, Charlton Athletic Community Trust, CSV, School of Hard Knocks, UK Youth and UpRising.

Plan.Do was a runner-up in the 2014 Google Impact Challenge and funded by

Why should you use Plan.Do?

Do you do great work with young people but struggle to track outcomes?

  • Young people around the UK are doing great things outside of education and the workplace supported by organisations with a social mission. Much of this work remains invisible because the planning and tracking takes place on flipcharts and pieces of paper that get lost or destroyed. Plan.Do provides a space to store and reflect on this activity.
  • Professionals tend to lead this paper-based process of planning and tracking, meaning that young people are not empowered to take part in the decision-making process. Plan.Do gives young people joint ownership of their activity.
  • Young people find applications and CVs stressful. They often lack professional experience and may lack impressive educational attainment so their informal life experiences are important. Plan.Do enables young people to reflect on this informal experience.

Plan.Do supports professionals to plan and track youth action in a digital, ‘always on’ space that empowers young people to access and own the evidence of their youth action.

Contact Louise Kavanagh if you would like to use Plan.Do to support your service delivery.

Does Plan.Do work?

Plan.Do was orgininally funded by Nominet Trust and the learning from evaluation by Toby Hopwood of this first phase has underpinned subsequent improvements.

The evaluation proved that:

  • young people want help to organise social action. Over 1,250 people have registered to use Plan.Do
  • professionals want to empower young people. Partner organisations have helped us to reach 5,000-10,000 young people, typically reporting a wish to empower young people with technology
  • Plan.Do helps young people to organise social action.

Contact Louise Kavanagh if you would like to find out more about Plan.Do.

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 Some of the organisations already using Plan.Do:

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