Plan.Do – The Social Action App

Plan.Do – the social action app that helps young people develop the skills for work.

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Plan.Do – the social action app launched in March 2014 and you can take a look at it here:

Whether you are a young person wanting to plan your own projects, a teacher looking for a project management tool to engage students, a charity setting up your own social action projects or a funder wanting to commission social action programmes, Plan.Do has something for you.

Download our one-page pdf for everything you need to know about Plan.Do.

If you are an organisation that is already delivery social action programmes for young people, find out more about our Early Adopter Programme.

Working in partnership to develop the social action app

Catch22 is committed to developing and delivering user-led services. We worked with groups of young people to design and build Plan.Do, giving them a unique work experience opportunity and ownership of the project.

We also worked with our corporate partners to make sure Plan.Do highlights the employability skills they are looking for. They told us how to make it easy for them to recognise the employability value of social action, be it, team work, communication or problem solving.

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Plan.Do the social action app is available for young people now at

Alongside the free web app for young people there is an admin dashboard available to those delivering social action programmes, which provides an overview of young people and projects. The admin dashboard:

  • is available on any platform (pc, phone or tablet)
  • makes it easier to communicate with young people through an in-app messaging system
  • saves time with at-a-glance monitoring of young people and projects
  • includes a simple reporting functionality.

The admin dashboard is available now through our Early Adopter Programme for a two-month free trial in return for user feedback.

Download the Plan.Do Early Adopter Programme FAQs.

To find out more about the Early Adopter Programme contact Catch22:

  • Louise Kavanagh, Head of Marketing
  • 020 7336 4837

Plan.Do Early Adopters

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