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Employability Summit

An untapped resource: employing prison leavers in your business

A group of adults in a line look directly at the camera. They are each holding their CV in their hands. They get progressively more blurry as the line moves further away from the camera. Overlaid is the text "Employability Summit Event Series"

Launched for Employability Day 2020, and marking the start of our Employability Summit series, this webinar brought together employers who want to provide sustainable jobs and recruit from a diverse talent pool.

We were joined by employers from businesses, large and small, who have an interest in employing underserved groups, to explore some of the benefits of employing prison leavers and the support that Catch22 can offer. We were also joined by a prison leaver who is now in work, who will be telling their own personal story of working with Catch22, along with employers who have experience in this area who will share best practice.