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Practitioner Training

Gang Awareness Training

A young man stands in front of a wall. He places a wireless earphone into one ear. He is looking at his phone in his other hand. Overlaid is text that reads "Gang awareness training".

At Catch22 we understand the challenges faced by gang involved young people and those of their families. Our work targets and builds on service users’ strengths to prevent individuals becoming involved in gangs and help support those involved to safely exit. In the last year, we have engaged 3,939 gang involved young people, achieved a 94% engagement rate, with 89% of cases seeing improvements in their identified need areas.

Our extensive experience has afforded us with the expertise to support and develop professionals through CPD-certified Gang Awareness Training to effectively engage this cohort, maximising outcomes achieved. In the last year, professionals understanding, and awareness of gang culture and associated behaviours rose to 92% following participation in our gang awareness training. One participant explained:

“The facts and figures were somewhat alarming, as was the reasoning. This is training that anyone working with young people needs to take part and access.”

Our full-day training session for professionals covers:

  • gang culture, serious youth violence and associated behaviours
  • gang activity within the community
  • how to recognise key warning signs
  • the victim/offender overlap
  • child criminal exploitation (CCE) and County Lines
  • the stages of grooming and exploitation (using an interactive case study)
  • the link between adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), later vulnerabilities, and exploitation
  • how an understanding of choice and opportunity informs intervention
  • how to successfully engage service users
  • strategies to safeguard and manage associated risk

This training session takes place online from 10am until 4pm (including comfort and lunch breaks), and costs £55 per person. The session is CPD-certified.