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Employability Summit

Just the job: why sustainable roles are key to tackling the employment crisis

A group of adults in a line look directly at the camera. They are each holding their CV in their hands. They get progressively more blurry as the line moves further away from the camera. Overlaid is the text "Employability Summit Event Series"

At Catch22, we’ve recently launched Horizons – an employability programme with a difference. It is one of the first programmes to address both unemployment and underemployment; where work is either low paid, unstable or without opportunities to progress.

Working with the support of partners such as JPMorgan Chase, Horizons will help to tackle the UK employment crisis and empower those with social barriers such as homelessness or mental health to take a positive first step. And crucially it focuses on placing people into roles and training opportunities that lead to meaningful jobs.

As part of our Employability Summit series, this webinar looked at what is needed to help people into jobs that are sustainable, using Horizons as a starting point. It sought to answer questions such as how employability programmes can support people into sustainable roles, what a successful job placement looks like, and how the success of employability programmes should be measured.

Our panellists included: