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Employability Summit

Upskilling and reskilling older workers: unlocking potential to meet future demands

A group of adults in a line look directly at the camera. They are each holding their CV in their hands. They get progressively more blurry as the line moves further away from the camera. Overlaid is the text "Employability Summit Event Series"

As part of our Employability Summit series, this webinar explored what support is available for people who are struggling to find quality work – and who are unable to access programmes targeted at younger people.

Bringing together job seekers, policy professionals, and employers, our participants discussed topics such as the scale of the problem, how employers can support older people who are returning to work and/or want to reskill, and what broader support is needed to help older people to find quality, sustainable work.

Our panellists included:

  • Department for Work & Pensions Senior National Employer and Partner Account Manager, Tony Hyland,
  • Arcus FM Head of Learning and Social Value, Lisa Jardim,
  • Salesforce VP Trailhead and Ecosystem EMEA, Stuart Mills,
  • Jobs22 Over 50s Pilot Leader and Skills Trainer, Donna Spreag,
  • Plaza Hotels, Eva Park, and
  • three participants from the Catch22 Horizons programme.