Catch22 brand guidelines

These brand guidelines must be read by anyone involved in creating or commissioning material for or on behalf of Catch22.

About Catch22

If you’re new to Catch22, the Social Business Review 2017 outlines our achievements and how we define ourselves as a social business.


Guidance about using the Catch22 logo and versions for download are available on our Catch22 logo page.


There are eight colours in the Catch22 colour palette, which are categorised as primary or secondary colours. When there is limited choice, use the primary colours. For work with more scope for colour, include the secondary colours. Do not use one single colour overwhelmingly, whether primary or secondary.

Primary Catch22 colours




Secondary Catch22 colours





Aachen Std Bold is used for main headings and Akkurat is used for body text. Professionally-produced material must use these fonts, which are available at

Catch22 staff can use Arial as a substitute when producing branded documents such as presentations and reports.

Font size must be at least 10.5pt.

Staff guidance

Staff looking for guidance on email signatures, templates (for posters, leaflets, newsletters and certificates), ordering printed materials like the Social Business Review or business cards, and ordering branded merchandise or pull-up banners should contact the marketing team.

Further information

If you need any help finding what you are looking for or have any enquiries about the Catch22 brand, please contact the Marketing team:

  • 020 7336 4800
  • Catch22, 27 Pear Tree Street, London EC1V 3AG