Catch22 logo

Guidance on using the correct Catch22 logo.

Current Catch22 logo

This is the correct Catch22 logo. Do not modify the logo by changing its colour or the colour of the text:

Catch22 logo

White Catch22 logo

Use the white version if the logo needs to be used on black or very dark backgrounds:


Space around the logo

To maximise the impact of our logo, ensure that no other elements appear too close to it. As a rule of thumb, aim to leave a space around the logo equivalent to the size of the ‘c’ within the logo:


Using the logo with partner or funder logos

When using one or two other logos alongside the Catch22 logo, they should appear 50% the size of the Catch22 logo:


When using three or more logos alongside the Catch22 logo, they should appear 25% the size of the Catch22 logo:


Depending on the relationship, ‘In partnership with’ may need to be included:


Text variations

The only time the logo has variations is when it is accompanied with text, such as ‘in partnership with’ (as above), ‘supported by’ or ‘made by the young people from’:



Welsh logos


Old Catch22 logos

If existing materials have the following logo (with or without a white border), it is still valid and does not have to be changed:

Catch22 logo

However please do not use the following logo under any circumstances:

Wrong Catch22 logo