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Writing guidelines

Style guidelines for producing written material for or on behalf of Catch22.

Anyone involved in writing, editing or proofreading something for Catch22 needs to be aware of our writing conventions:

  • we are Catch22 and not Catch 22 or Catch-22.
  • use ‘sentence case’: capitalise only the first word of headings
    eg Transforming lives through alternative education
  • use ‘single’ quotation marks. Only use double ‘for “quotes” within quotes’
  • no full stop after ie, eg, Mr, Mrs
  • use -ise and not -ize
  • spell out numbers from one to ten. From 11 to 999,999, use the figure; thereafter say £3million, £3.2billion (except when referring to statistics such as ‘9 out of 10 young people we help with housing are settled in their own accommodation after six months’)
  • dates: 23 August 2013, the 1980s
  • ages: 13 to 16-years-old, not 13-16
  • never use & in body copy, with the exception of brand names (eg M&S)
  • for acronyms such as PCC, at the first mention always give the name in full with the acronym in brackets, eg Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC). Thereafter use the acronym
  • titles of books, newspapers, films and reports are in italics
  • use square bullet points. When bullets follow text, do not capitalise the first letter and do not end each point with punctuation, except for the last.