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Catch22 Drugs Awareness: Poster Hub

Catch22 delivers targeted and specialist substance misuse services for young people up to 25 years old. We worked with our frontline staff at Surrey Substance Misuse to produce downloadable resources for anyone working with young people.

27 February 2019

Catch22’s work spans the breadth of public services – in alternative provision schools, with gangs, in prisons and probation, delivering NCS, apprenticeships and employability programmes as well as in children’s social care and substance misuse.

Substance misuse is an issue which cuts across our organisation and so we’re using our frontline expertise to produce a drugs awareness guide, made up of free, downloadable resources for professionals working with children – both inside and outside our organisation.

We’ll be adding a new poster on a different drug each month for you to download, print off and share with your networks. The content is useful for professionals working with young people and also for anyone who would like to know more about emerging trends in substance misuse.


The first in a series of drug awareness posters is about Xanax. Benzodiazepine treatment appeared on Public Health England’s report ‘Alcohol and drug treatment for young people’ for the first time this year. Young people being treated for problems with Benzodiazepines almost doubled from the previous year, with Xanax seeing the biggest increase year on year from 8 to 53 children.

In our Surrey Substance Misuse service, we have seen a 10% increase in Xanax use amongst the young people we support. With rising incidents of young people using Xanax, as well as widespread coverage in the media, we think it’s important to lay out the facts clearly and concisely for practitioners working with young people.



MDMA is the official chemical name for the pure chemical compound. 3,4-Methyl​enedioxy​methamphetamine or more commonly known as Ecstasy (E), it is a psychoactive drug. Ecstasy pills are swallowed and come in different shapes, colours and sizes and are often imprinted with a picture or symbols, but they it can also come in the form of capsules, powder or crystal. (MDMA)



Lean or ‘Purple Drank’ are terms used to describe a recreational drug which our Substance Misuse practitioners are seeing increased use of. It’s a concoction of over the counter or prescribed liquid medicine (such as cough syrup) mixed with fizzy drinks and sometimes fruit-flavoured sweets. A dangerous and addictive drug, Lean can be fatal when taken with alcohol and other drugs.

For further information about other substances: