Our manifesto outlines “22 ways to build resilience and aspiration in people and communities” across five key areas. Download your copy.

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Digital skills

29 Nov 2023

Violence Against Women and Girls manifests in many ways

Offender management and rehabilitation

22 Nov 2023

Prisons are at boiling point

Care leavers

15 Nov 2023

Care Leavers: Keeping the momentum up

Primary / KS1 and KS2

1 Nov 2023

Education and nutrition – the catch-22 in Catch22

Criminal justice

25 Oct 2023

Why early action holds the key to breaking the prison/reoffending cycle

Health and wellbeing

11 Oct 2023

The importance of investment in youth work: Party Conferences 2023

Criminal justice

4 Oct 2023

Reducing crime and reoffending: Party Conferences 2023

Child exploitation

20 Sep 2023

Why frontline voices are critical to the policy making process

Digital skills

24 Aug 2023

Giving people links to the digital world and their community

Support into work

9 Aug 2023

Are all young people interested in green opportunities?

Care leavers

2 Aug 2023

In their own words: care experienced young people ask for change

Offender management and rehabilitation

26 Jul 2023

The unique needs of a rising remand population

19 Jul 2023

Delivering public impact: why the third sector should not be overlooked

Digital skills

12 Jul 2023

Microsoft, Rare and Catch22 team up to support budding gamers

Criminal justice

5 Jul 2023

Academia and third sector partnerships in criminal justice

Criminal justice

29 Jun 2023

The role of the third sector in the criminal justice system

Employment and training

27 Jun 2023

The importance of careers advice and guidance in schools

Substance misuse

21 Jun 2023

Vaping: why urgent Government action is needed

Support into work

14 Jun 2023

Beyond traineeships: what does the future look like?

Child exploitation

7 Jun 2023

Illegal Migration Bill: more harm than good?

Offender management and rehabilitation

26 May 2023

Making the resettlement system work

Support into work

3 May 2023

How job seekers can unlock the hidden job market

Digital skills

21 Apr 2023

From podcasting to songwriting: exploring new avenues with TikTok Creative Academy

Child exploitation

19 Apr 2023

How do you recognise a victim of child exploitation?


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