Our manifesto outlines “22 ways to build resilience and aspiration in people and communities” across five key areas. Download your copy.

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Employment and training

10 Apr 2024

Empowering Creativity: TikTok Creative Academy's IWD Celebration

Criminal justice

3 Apr 2024

The essential role that youth workers play in preventing crime

27 Mar 2024

Partnering for Impact

Child exploitation

13 Mar 2024

The urgent need for training to safeguard vulnerable youth from exploitation

Emotional support

6 Mar 2024

Building creative communities

Employment and training

28 Feb 2024

"Too ill to work"

Employment and training

21 Feb 2024

A forgotten generation

Offender management and rehabilitation

14 Feb 2024

Addressing prison overcrowding through the Early Release scheme

Employment and training

7 Feb 2024

Why we need a national employment service

31 Jan 2024

Reflections on creating the Catch22 Social Impact Review 2023

24 Jan 2024

Crafting Catch22's future leaders

Emotional support

17 Jan 2024

The power of place-based support

Health and wellbeing

10 Jan 2024

Creating the right environment for support

Digital skills

20 Dec 2023

Closing the gender diversity gap: women in technology

Victim services

13 Dec 2023

Supporting victims: what does a holistic approach look like?

Health and wellbeing

6 Dec 2023

Don't put a pause on prevention

Digital skills

29 Nov 2023

Violence Against Women and Girls manifests in many ways

Offender management and rehabilitation

22 Nov 2023

Prisons are at boiling point

Care leavers

15 Nov 2023

Care Leavers: Keeping the momentum up

Primary / KS1 and KS2

1 Nov 2023

Education and nutrition – the catch-22 in Catch22

Criminal justice

25 Oct 2023

Why early action holds the key to breaking the prison/reoffending cycle

Health and wellbeing

11 Oct 2023

The importance of investment in youth work: Party Conferences 2023

Criminal justice

4 Oct 2023

Reducing crime and reoffending: Party Conferences 2023

Child exploitation

20 Sep 2023

Why frontline voices are critical to the policy making process


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