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Employment and training

29 Nov 2021

Catch22 responds to inquiry into "Support for Employment During COVID-19"

The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, taken from across the River Thames. Overlaid is text that reads: "Consultation Response".


Employment and training

26 Nov 2021

Kickstart scheme “falling short in its attempt to level up the recovery”

Close-up of two people reviewing a document together. One is pointing to a position on the page while the other holds a pen to make notes.


Employment and training

4 Mar 2021

140 vacancies set to be filled as part of Catch22’s Kickstart Community

Two construction workers wearing orange hard hats review building plans.


Employment and training

12 Jan 2021

Catch22 responds to latest research from UK think-tank, Onward

Taken looking up from the floor towards the sky, a group of people connect their arms to form a circle. Beyond them, the nature outdoors can be seen, but none of their faces are visible.


Employment and training

13 Oct 2020

Catch22 responds to latest employment figures

Bars are set up next to a laptop to give a physical representation of a bar chart. The bar chart shows that the trend is increasing over time.


Employment and training

8 Jul 2020

A step in the right direction, but will the Kickstart scheme help those who need it most?


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