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Employment and training

Catch22 responds to Department for Work and Pensions inquiry into “Support for Employment During COVID-19”

The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, taken from across the River Thames. Overlaid is text that reads: "Consultation Response".

In November 2021, The Public Accounts Committee launched an inquiry into Department for Work and Pensions “Support for employment during the Covid-19 pandemic”, looking more closely at the ‘Kickstart scheme’ specifically.

At Catch22, we were among the first to join the ranks of Kickstart Gateways, very shortly after the Department for Work and Pensions announced the programme. Catch22 is a big supporter of Kickstart, and we are committed to its spirit and ambition of providing jobs for 250,000 young people.

We set up Kickstart Community; a programme that combines Kickstart placements with civic service and skills building, to be the ‘best-in-breed’, with long term impact at its heart. While we have been working with the Department, Job Centres and officials since inception – and the road has certainly been bumpy at times – we now feel it important to submit evidence on the challenges, along with possible solutions for the remaining duration of the scheme. Young people have borne the brunt of the pandemic’s damage – in terms of life prospects and mental wellbeing – and we are writing in the spirit of wishing for Kickstart to have the success that all of us committed to from the start.

We submitted a full response to the Public Accounts Committee inquiry into the operation or effectiveness of the Kickstart scheme, and the value for money it represents.

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