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Building a diverse workforce

A group of professionals gather around a table having a meeting. They are from a range of ethnic backgrounds, as well as different age groups.

Catch22 has extended its commitment to diversifying its workforce through a specific focus on supporting care experienced young people and people who may have had a criminal conviction.

For those who may have had a criminal conviction, this includes:

  • Recruitment: assessing candidates based on their skills, qualifications, and potential for growth, rather than solely focusing on their past convictions*,
  • Tracking: monitoring candidates through the recruitment and induction process, and
  • Development: ongoing support including mentoring and professional development opportunities to ensure long-term success within Catch22.

Catch22 is also a Ban the Box employer, which involves removing the tick box from application forms and asking about criminal convictions later in the recruitment process.

For care experienced young people, our commitment to the Care Leavers Covenant will involve:

  • Recruitment: providing employment opportunities for care experienced young people within Catch22: applicants will be able to indicate on application forms if they are care experienced,
  • Tracking: monitoring care experienced young people through the recruitment and induction process. and
  • Development: assisting the young person with ongoing career development.

Whilst Catch22 has historically supported care experienced young people through support services, this is a commitment to creating opportunities within our own workforce, offering a specific mentoring service, and ensuring that managers and mentors receive the necessary training and support. Targeted employment opportunities have already been created in some services like National Leaving Care Benchmarking Forum – but this initiative will see the approach embedded across the organisation.

Christina Duru, Chief People Officer at Catch22 said:

“We firmly believe that people’s previous experience should not define their future and that everyone should have the opportunity to thrive in a supportive environment.

“We also know the value that colleagues who have lived experienced bring – both to our service users and to our wider workplace.”

Catch22 has a diverse number of roles and, whilst some may have restrictions owing to their regulatory activities, welcome and signpost candidates to apply for roles that do not hold such restrictions.


* Whilst we have full commitment to inclusivity for individuals with convictions, there may be certain roles within Catch22 which are required to pass certain external vetting requirements. If applicants are unable to satisfy these requirements, we may be restricted in our ability to appoint into such roles. In such circumstances, we would offer support and guidance to explore what other suitable opportunities exist within the organisation.