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Catch22 College: Blended learning policy

Two students smile as they work together at a computer. They are sat in a library and other computers can be seen in a row. One is sat in a chair, and the other is leaning over pointing to something on the screen. Overlaid is text that reads: "Catch22 College".

In the event of a college closure, Catch22 are committed to provide education, learning and support for our students, through a blended learning delivery of lessons, which includes self-study and online delivery. The reasons why we would use the blended learning approach are:

  • Government advice,
  • college and students absence,
  • severe weather, and
  • any other eventuality meaning a site needed to close as per business continuity plans.

Where possible colleges will replicate students’ timetables and curriculum. This will also take into consideration safeguarding and the wellbeing of students.


  • To support students to continue in education
  • To ensure that the delivery of these sessions is valid, reliable and does not disadvantage students
  • Meets the guidelines set out by the awarding bodies, and funding agency guidelines
  • Remote delivery will take place via Microsoft Teams and every student will be provided with their own Catch22 account and email address. These sessions will be supported by another Tutor/Teaching Assistant to support with the delivery.

Remote learning expectations

Catch22 College will:

  • provide students with access to Microsoft Teams,
  • ensure support is available during online delivery, which will include IT support,
  • have teachers and teaching assistants available to provide ongoing feedback, and
  • provide feedback and mark work according to the Catch22 Marking Policy.

Catch22 teaching and support staff will:

  • create and adapt tasks that meet and support their curriculum and learning plans,
  • communicate with students and parents in a format that has been agreed by the student’s college,
  • provide support for students that require additional help and support to complete tasks, and
  • communicate any concerns regarding remote delivery to the Assistant Director and/or Quality Manager.

Parents / carers will:

  • create an environment which supports the young person to complete their remote learning and online sessions
  • contact the college to seek support/advice and college updates

Students will:

  • make time to complete their remote learning
  • ensure that they are attending remote online sessions
  • make themselves available throughout the sessions and participate in all activities
  • ask for support and guidance when required
  • communicate and submit work using the format as agreed with the college
  • complete work on time and to a high standard

Students are made aware of the requirements of remote delivery via the Microsoft Teams user guide, and the Catch22 Code of Conduct (as detailed in the Catch22 Safeguarding Policy regarding online delivery). They will also be made aware of where they can upload and save their work to a secure portal, allowing tutors and students to communicate and provide feedback.

Related policies

This policy statement is supported by detailed policies in the following areas:

  • Safeguarding
  • GDPR
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Assessment and Quality Assurance
  • Awarding Body Access Arrangement