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Catch22 College: Financial support

Two students smile as they work together at a computer. They are sat in a library and other computers can be seen in a row. One is sat in a chair, and the other is leaning over pointing to something on the screen. Overlaid is text that reads: "Catch22 College".

This policy and support document sets out arrangements for how Catch22 College will operate the 16-19 Bursary funds during the academic year.

The 16 to 19 Bursary Fund provides financial support to help students to overcome specific barriers to participation so they can remain in education and training. Catch22 has received this funding to help students to meet the cost of participating in post-16 education and training. This policy is based on the Education Funding Agency’s “16-19 Bursary Fund – Guide for 2021 to 2022 academic year”.

Student Financial Support is designed to support Catch22 students who face genuine financial hardship towards the additional costs involved in attending Catch22 College. However, applicants should be aware that:

  • The Fund is limited which means that we may not always be able to support every student that applies
  • If there is over-demand Financial Support cannot be guaranteed
  • All applications will be considered individually and must be completed with all the information requested

Students must meet the eligibility criteria in ESFA funding regulations for post-16 provision, and be confirmed as compliant and on programme. This will be confirmed with the information provided in the enrolment documents.

Pre-16 students (including Electively Home Educated) undertaking a Catch22 Study Programme are not eligible for financial support as they are still of secondary school age. Similarly, students aged 14-16 who are attending Catch22 College as part of their school Key Stage 4 programme are not eligible for bursary support.

Below are links to guidance and support on applying for bursaries, alongside an application form. Application forms should be submitted to College staff prior to admission, or on site.