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Digital skills

Digital Edge: Service leaflet

A woman greets attendees at an event for Digital Edge. A Digital Edge roll-up banner can be seen in the background.

Are you tech savvy? Would you love to work in the digital and tech world?

Maybe you have a computer-related qualification but don’t know how to take that first step into a career. You could be someone who has worked in non-tech sectors previously but now want to make that move into the digital world. Or maybe you enjoy coding and would now love to build a career in this constantly developing sector.

We aren’t going to teach you about basic computer knowledge: for these programmes you should already have that! Instead we are going to help give you the tools to use that knowledge and take the first steps into your tech career. The initial Digital Edge programme is up to 8 sessions over four weeks but once it is completed you will have ongoing one-to-one employability support for up to six months.

Digital Edge will:

  • introduce you to the digital world of work through a remote pre-employment and pre-apprenticeship programme, supported by Microsoft,
  • help you to develop your skills and knowledge through individual and team-based projects and tasks, and
  • provide you with continued support to tailor your CV, cover letter and interview preparation to digital roles.

By taking part in the programme, you can gain:

  • an understanding of digital apprenticeships and IT entry level jobs,
  • an insight into the sector and chance to attend sessions with Microsoft employees and learn about their journey into tech,
  • the opportunity to access a huge portfolio of online courses and complete qualifications in your chosen areas during the programme,
  • awareness of key employability skills, and
  • ongoing one-to-one employability support to help you prepare for your future career goals even after the programme is completed.

To participate, participants must:

  • be aged between 18 & 45
  • have access to a laptop or desktop computer with access to the internet
  • not currently be working or in education
  • hold a good level of computer skills
  • have a desire to work within Digital and Technology

If you are interested in hearing more about the different ways in which you can get involved please get in touch via the form on the Digital Edge service page