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Employment and trainingPost-16

Employability and Skills: Annual review 2019-2020

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Catch22 supported nearly 400 students in the last year, and helped 523 people into paid employment. Nearly 2,500 young people engaged with our NCS programmes.

“After what has been a very difficult year all round, I am very proud to be apart of such a dedicated hard-working organisation. We have had to adapt at pace, keep ourselves and everyone we work with safe and ensure our customers and service users are still given the best quality driven programmes we can offer. Building on the achievements of last year as set out in this review, as we enter a new year we’ve seen amazing collaborations and new ventures with Jobs22, Kickstart Community, JP Morgan Chase and also National Grid – while also having funding extended by Barclays. I’m optimistic about our ability to grow our offering and support more and more people to find their purpose and thrive.

“With the commitment and drive from our teams, we can continue to make a difference to peoples’ lives; whether that’s helping them gain qualifications and vital life skills in our Colleges and through our NCS programmes or supporting them in their search for sustainable employment.”

– Victoria Head, Director of Employability and Skills

For over 200 years Catch22 has designed and delivered services that build resilience and aspiration in people and communities. Our approach is based on the 3Ps. We believe people can thrive when they have good people, a purpose, and a good place to live.

Key statistics

  • 378 learners were enrolled in our Colleges
  • 1,000 qualifications delivered
  • 1,324 people enrolled with our employability services
  • 523 clients into paid employment
  • 88% of clients felt that they received sound advice to support them towards their career goals
  • 100% of commissioners were satisfied with the service

Our approach

We work across the UK with individuals and employers to get the right people into the right jobs in the right places. Through our extensive network of local and national
partners, we go out into communities to support individuals who face barriers to work, such as those who have:

  • criminal convictions to declare
  • low confidence
  • mental health issues
  • long term unemployment
  • learning and physical disabilities
  • substance misuse
  • housing issues
  • lone parents

We help individuals who are struggling to find employment, many of whom have been particularly hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our aim is to ensure everyone is given the opportunity to find a career that suits their individuality. They receive guidance on future career pathways and the benefits of being back in the workplace.

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