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Equality, diversity and inclusion policy

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Catch22 reserves the right to amend this policy, following consultation, where appropriate.

Date of last review: February 2023

Date of next review: February 2024

What is the Equality & Diversity Policy Statement about?

Catch22’s vision is to have a strong society where everyone has a good place to live, a sense of purpose and good people around them. As an organisation, we exist to ensure that these are achievable for everyone, no matter what their background may be. We demonstrate this by promoting equality and celebrating diversity and inclusion across our workforce.

This policy statement sets out Catch22’s organisational approach to ensuring equality, diversity and inclusion is taken into account both in the treatment of its employees and in service delivery arrangements. It sets out Catch22’s commitment to providing a workplace that provides equality of opportunity and is free from harassment and discrimination. It also sets out the arrangements for ensuring that we respond positively to the different needs in the people we work with and that all our service users are able to gain access and benefit equally from the work we do.

By inclusion we mean that everyone who makes up the Catch22 community, has a contribution to make and we will work to make the kind of environment that will be receptive, welcoming and inclusive to all our people.

Everyone accessing a Catch22 Service should do so in an environment in which they are safe to be themselves, which is inclusive and values diversity. We also expect that all our people should be treated with dignity and respect. More information about practically creating strong, safe and trusting teams is available within each Hub.

By making sure we promote equality, diversity and inclusion, we will be helping everyone to perform at their best and realise their potential.

Who is the policy for?

This policy statement covers all those who represent or work at Catch22 including trustees, employees, consultants and volunteers.

Policy Statement

Through our organisational approach to equality and diversity we will:

  • integrate equality and diversity into all parts of Catch22’s planning, standard setting, monitoring and evaluation;
  • ensure as far as possible that the diversity of the organisation is appropriate to the communities we serve;
  • ensure that all stakeholders are empowered to respond positively and appropriately to matters relating to Equality and Diversity and to promote inclusion wherever this is possible;
  • work strategically to eliminate all forms of unlawful discrimination and create an environment for our employees and the people we work with that is free from harassment and discrimination – so that everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed and benefit from the work we do regardless of their background;
  • ensure that through all our policies and procedures we promote equality, diversity and inclusion wherever practicable;
  • take all necessary steps to remove organisational barriers to equality and diversity where it is practicable and legal to do so;
  • ensure that the diversity of the people we work with is respected and their needs relating to equality and diversity are mainstreamed into day to day operational performance and planning;
  • ensure that we comply with the relevant legislation and statutory codes.

Catch22 will commit to delivering inclusive and accessible services and take action to eliminate discrimination, harassment, victimisation and any other conduct prohibited by the Equality Act 2010. Each hub is required to demonstrate how they have considered the Equality Duty before and at the time decisions are made in relation to the provision of our services.

In addition, all hubs are expected to contribute to activities undertaken by Catch22 to advance equality of opportunity by sharing good practice, learning and challenges via network forums and events so that we can continue to take action to identify and remove barriers.

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