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Emotional support

Mediation: Annual report 2020-2021

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“I am very pleased to be able to allocate funding from my Police and Crime Commissioner’s fund to continue this mediation service delivered by Catch22. If issues can be resolved through mediation without involving the police the outcome is better for everyone, so I fully support this. Successful mediation reduces the amount of police resources spent on neighbourhood disputes which makes this a good investment for me as Police and Crime Commissioner.”

– Tim Passmore, Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner

Aim of service

Working with the Police, Local Authorities and Housing Associations, Catch22’s Mediation Service provides a skilled, practical, flexible service focused on resolving community conflict, unhampered by the constraints the referring professionals face.

We aim to help service users to communicate safely and to facilitate the best possible conversation between them and their neighbours directly or indirectly. We also try to find ways they can manage conflict differently in the future as well to help those whose neighbours can’t or won’t mediate.

We strive to be as flexible as possible, offering face to face, shuttle mediations and individual support to manage conflict. This allows people to access our service who may not normally be considered suitable for mediation. The service helps people to find ways out of conflict that they cannot find alone while reducing demand on public services, by applying the skills and allowing the time that conflicts need to resolve well.

“I think this is the 3rd referral I’ve done and so far each has assisted in easing a tempestuous situation/stalemate between warring neighbours where neither party will budge. I cannot rate Catch22 highly enough – a completely impartial 3rd party who are not police seems to do the trick.”

– Suffolk Police Constable


This year our service has received 194 referrals. We have worked with over 450 service users with over 210 children benefiting from the results.

Due to the pandemic, we have done very little face to face work but have made over 1300 phone calls, conducted 49 mediations and helped people achieve 60 other positive results, even without mediation taking place. In many other cases we have signposted service users to other sources of help, played a part in identifying safeguarding concerns for vulnerable people and offered ongoing support where it’s helpful to reduce conflict.

“I don’t have to worry about leaving the house anymore. Lockdown would have been torture if we were still in that situation.”

– Clarion Housing tenant

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