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Merton Risk and Resilience: Annual report 2022-2023

A teenage boy stands against a brick wall wearing over-the-head headphones. He looks at the camera from the side.

“Truly helped me understand the harm I was causing to myself and, as a result, has encouraged me to want more from my life. To the point I am excited to live, laugh, and love without the dependence on drugs.”

– Service user

Catch22 has been working with children for over 200 years and today we focus on designing and delivering services that build resilience and aspiration. Catch22 has vast experience of delivering effective child exploitation and missing services and substance misuse throughout the UK.

The 3Ps are our organisational DNA. We believe that improving the lives of the young people and everyone we support is only possible when these basics are in place. To have good people around them, a purpose, and a good place to live.

We apply this when creating care plans with young people alongside our outcome star data, local authority action plans and their child exploitation risk assessment matrix.

Aim of the service

Catch22 are proud to have been delivering in the London Borough of Merton for over 13 years holding contracts working with the most vulnerable young people in the borough.

The Merton Risk and Resilience Service is an integrated substance misuse, child exploitation and missing from home service, focused on mitigating risk and promoting resilience in young people.

“Catch22 supported me during a hard period of my life, and I now feel like I am able to continue my life – feeling strong, settled in work, and I have left my ex who was pulling me down.”

The aim of this service is to reduce harm to young people aged 24 and under who are at risk of harm from, are experiencing, or have been:

  • using substances,
  • reported missing from home or care, and/or
  • exploited.

Merton Risk and Resilience also receives funding from The Wimbledon Foundation to deliver a counselling service in several schools across Merton. This service is aimed at children and young people (aged 11 – 16 years), who have been identified as requiring a one-to-one intervention for a range of emotional health issues and/or as part of dealing with the impact of their parents’/siblings’ substance misuse.


In the contract year 2022 – 2023, the service reached a total of 925 people.  Of these:

  • 174 were engaged in care planned interventions with SMART and achievable goals agreed,
  • 95 successfully exited the service, and
  • 76 remained engaged at year end.

This year, the service achieved 97% positive outcomes for the young people engaged in these interventions.

Where child exploitation and missing from home services are commissioned together, we find that they are more effective at identifying and managing risk. From the data depicted in full in the downloadable report for under-18s, young people supported across multiple service strands reduce the need for multiple services and workers.

The highest presentation to our service came from Mitcham, followed by Colliers Wood and Wimbledon, and then Morden.

“They listened to what I had to say and didn’t just give advice, they listened to my point of view.”

– Young person supported by Merton Young Person’s Risk and Resilience

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