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Care leavers

National Leaving Care Benchmarking Forum: Annual report 2019-2020

Three young friends (two female, one male) watch a tablet together. They are all smiling.

The National Leaving Care Benchmarking Forum is a network of over 100 local authorities. Our aim is to enrich outcomes for our nation’s care leavers. The forum promotes the development of quality leaving care services with member authorities and partner organisations through a process of researching and sharing learning on a national scale.

The National Leaving Care Benchmarking Forum aims to enrich outcomes for care leavers by:

  • carrying out research to understand what works and what could be improved in leaving care services,
  • facilitating events, with renowned key speakers at the forefront of the leaving care field, to share learning and improve practice,
  • coordinating the Young People’s Benchmarking Forum, to ensure care- experienced young people feed into our activities,
  • working with policy-makers in various government departments to feed in best practice and feedback from local authorities and young people,
  • working alongside numerous partner organisations to keep updated about key developments and share learning about care leavers, and
  • providing a website to enable access to resources, discussion groups, queries, events, Young People’s Benchmarking Forum updates.

“I love being a champion and involved with Young People’s Benchmarking Forum. It’s given me confidence and positive networks. Local authorities know my face and want to work with me.”

We follow our key values of:

  • delivering a quality service,
  • providing meaningful and valuable support to local authorities,
  • being inclusive of all members and partner organisations, and
  • sharing learning to impact outcomes.
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