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Online harms: supporting young people offline and online

A group of young people browse their phones whilst sitting on a wall.

The online world presents huge opportunities for finding purpose, connection, and community. But it also presents significant risks; it is a fast-moving space and the risks of online grooming and exposure to violence and trauma are rapidly growing. Where disturbing behaviour was once limited to a physical audience, harmful content is now rapidly shared online, resulting in retaliation and feeding violence offline.

At Catch22, we build resilience in communities, helping individuals to thrive now and in the future. We work with partners – local authorities, corporates, and government – to provide early intervention, targeted and specialist support services to those in crisis, leaving care, missing from home, those at risk of violence or exploitation, and those with substance misuse or mental health problems

  • 79% of 12-15 year old internet users have had at last one potentially harmful experience online in the past 12 months. (Ofcom)
  • There were 47,500 offences with a knife in 2019, an 82% increase on 2014.
  • 37% of respondents to Catch22’s National Online Harms Consultation said they have seen harm occur to them or a friend because of harm online.
  • Only 27% of young respondents feel safe online all the time.
  • 38% of frontline practitioners do not feel sufficiently trained to deal with online behaviour.

Partnership working

Catch22 is actively seeking partners to help us with:

  • Research, to map the links between online and offline behaviour
  • A coalition of tech companies, working together to address safety, regulation, intelligence and protection of freedom of speech in a safe online world
  • Online interventions using nudge techniques and behavioural insights to direct at-risk groups towards behaviour change and pro-social opportunities
  • Large-scale pro-social programmes, supporting young people into meaningful opportunities, career pathways and creative output
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