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Offender management and rehabilitation

Personal Wellbeing: Welcome pack

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This booklet will provide you with information about our Personal Wellbeing service which you have been referred to by your probation practitioner and will explain how we will be working with you in the coming weeks/months.

You may have been referred to us for one of our pathways or multiple. This will inform your action plan and how many sessions we complete with you. Our four pathways are:

  1. Family and Significant Others (FSO): helping you to develop positive relationships and avoid harmful ones. To help you identify warning signs or triggers of reoccurring behaviour in relationships or towards family members or significant others. Helping you to develop responsible parenting skills.
  2. Lifestyle and Associates (LA): helping you to improve pro-social self-identity and address pro-criminal attitudes. Helping you to recognise and dissociate with negative peers and access positive community based support networks.
  3. Emotional Wellbeing (EW): helping you to develop coping skills and strategies to regulate mood, increase happiness, self-efficacy, resilience, confidence & manage triggers. Furthermore, helping you demonstrate perspective taking and selfcare by avoiding risky situations.
  4. Social Inclusion (SI): helping you to develop and sustain social networks to reduce initial social isolation and develop resilience and perseverance. Supporting you with your reintegration as you transition from custody to the community.

What to expect from our service

What you can expect from us:

  • A dedicated caseworker that will provide you with tailored support, empowerment, advocacy, advice and guidance.
  • A tailored action plan to meet your needs and as agreed with your probation practitioner.
  • One-to-one sessions tailored to provide you with support and build key skills.
  • Group work sessions to build on the sessions with your wellbeing worker.

“I thought coming to Personal Wellbeing sessions was going to be a chore, but you make the sessions enjoyable, and I actually take things from it to better myself.”

– Person on Probation

We are really looking forward to meeting with you and working together to support you with your personal wellbeing needs.

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