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Season 2, Episode 1: How can we improve outcomes for prison leavers?

Header image for the Catch22 Minutes podcast which reads "Season 2: Justice"

In the Catch22Minutes podcast, we delve into some of today’s major social challenges. We speak to frontline experts, industry leaders and young people, in pursuit of ideas for reforming public services.

The second season focused on the UK’s justice sector and was presented by Catch22’s former Communications and Marketing Manager, Josie Cochrane. From developing restorative justice to reducing the impact of court delays, this series was focused on solutions which could impact every aspect of the justice sector.

Reoffending rates remain alarmingly high, costing society over £18 billion a year. In the first episode of Catch22 Minutes’ Justice series, we interview Offploy’s Jacob Hill, and Noel Hill from Penal Reform Solutions.

Offploy is an employment solutions partner, aiming to reduce reoffending and make society safer by placing people with criminal convictions into meaningful, mentored and sustainable employment. They have successfully placed more than 580 people with criminal convictions into sustainable employment.

Penal Reform Solutions supports organisations to reduce social harm within prisons and wider communities.

Our panellists

Jacob Hill

Noel Moran