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Child exploitation

Season 3, Episode 3: Online harms and online helps

Header image for the Catch22 Minutes podcast which reads "Season 3: Risk and Resilience"

In the Catch22Minutes podcast, we delve into some of today’s major social challenges. We speak to frontline experts, industry leaders and young people, in pursuit of ideas for reforming public services.

The third season focuses on risk and resilience and is presented by Catch22’s Director of Communications and Engagement, Melissa Milner. Our episodes look at topics including child exploitation, online harms, county lines, substance abuse and more.

In this episode of Catch22Minutes, we’ll be discussing the topic of online harms. The online world presents huge opportunities for finding purpose, connection, and community. Our world heavily relies on the internet in order to find work, to connect with services, to be entertained, to keep in touch with loved ones. But the online world can also present significant risks for children and young people. It’s a fast moving space, and the threat of online grooming and exposure to harmful content is undoubtedly growing. 

We are joined by Vicky Young, Senior Helpline Manager at the Lucy Faithfull Foundation, and Sarah Parker, Research and Development Officer for the Young People, Families, and Communities Hub at Catch22. 

Our panellists

Vicky Young

Sarah Parker