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Child exploitation

Season 3, Episode 4: County lines

Header image for the Catch22 Minutes podcast which reads "Season 3: Risk and Resilience"

In the Catch22Minutes podcast, we delve into some of today’s major social challenges. We speak to frontline experts, industry leaders and young people, in pursuit of ideas for reforming public services.

The third season focuses on risk and resilience and is presented by Catch22’s Director of Communications and Engagement, Melissa Milner. Our episodes look at topics including child exploitation, online harms, county lines, substance abuse and more.

In this episode of Catch22Minutes, we’ll be discussing county lines. For children and young people who are victims of county lines activity the impact on their lives, and the lives of those around them, can be devastating. We know that grooming techniques are becoming more advanced, and that escaping the clutches of these perpetrators can be incredibly difficult. What techniques are perpetrators using to lure children into county lines activity? Why are victims seemingly getting younger? What is being done to support children and young people being caught up in county lines activity? And what can be done to tackle it? 

We are joined by Johnny Bolderson, Senior Service Manager for Catch22’s County Lines Support and Rescue service, and James Houghton, Safeguarding Operational Lead for the British Transport Police’s County Lines Taskforce.

Our panellists

Johnny Bolderson

James Houghton