Our manifesto outlines “22 ways to build resilience and aspiration in people and communities” across five key areas. Download your copy.

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Season 4, Episode 7: How can charities influence policy?

Header image for the Catch22 Minutes podcast which reads "Series 4: Policy"

In the Catch22Minutes podcast, we delve into some of today’s major social challenges. We speak to frontline experts, industry leaders and young people, in pursuit of ideas for reforming public services.

With the recent release of our manifesto: 22 ways to build resilience and aspiration in people and communities, our fourth season focuses on some of our key policy asks. It is presented by Catch22’s Head of Policy and Campaigns, Stella Tsantekidou.

Charity campaigning will never be as well-resourced as lobbying by the private sector. However, with increasing government cuts and the current cost-of-living crisis, the charity sector is working under increasing financial constraints, meaning charitable organisations have to be even more strategic in how they try to influence government policy. 

In this episode, Stella is joined by Babs Williams, CEO of Frontline, to explore different strategies for influencing government, and considerations that should be made when doing so.

Our panellists

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Babs Williams, CEO of Frontline
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