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Employment and training

The Good Employer Guide

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Having something meaningful to do is essential for people trying to build better lives for themselves and their families. We encourage and support organisations to actively work alongside individuals with barriers to work to realise the business and societal benefits of a diverse workforce.

We work with employers to tap in to and unlock capacity in individuals who have struggled to get in to work – which is good for businesses. A 2013 report by Deloitte found that when employees “think their organisation is committed to and supportive of diversity, and they feel included,” their ability to innovate increases by 83 per cent.

We’ve created the Good Employer Guide to encourage organisations to actively work alongside individuals with barriers to work. The guide sets out practical ways to promote inclusive recruitment processes and provides tips for supporting new employees into sustained employment.

We also created the guide to support the 46,644 individuals we supported last year – students with social and emotional challenges who hit a brick wall when applying for jobs, young people who have left the care system without networks to rely on when looking for employment, and individuals who have left the justice system feeling like their life chances have been restricted because of their past.

We hope you use the information in the guide to provide a sustainable career and welcoming workplace.

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