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Catch22 College: Thetford prospectus

Two students smile as they work together at a computer. They are sat in a library and other computers can be seen in a row. One is sat in a chair, and the other is leaning over pointing to something on the screen. Overlaid is text that reads: "Catch22 College".

If you are reading this then it’s probably because you are starting to think about what you are going do when you leave school. Or perhaps because you have already left and are thinking about what do do next. If, like thousands of others, you’re not sure that a large, traditional college is for you, then we might be just what you are looking for.

Catch22 College: Thetford specialises in offering learning and training opportunities for students who, for whatever reason, don’t want to stay in a traditional academic environment. We provide our students with a different option – the opportunity to carry on their learning in a smaller, highly supportive environment where the focus is on providing learning and training options to help you gain the skills, qualifications and experiences you need to achieve your goals in life.

We work with you to design a programme that fits with your interests and ambitions. As well as helping you to build your skills in English and maths, you can gain recognised qualifications in work-focused subjects, in work experience and take part in other activities that will help you to build your confidence so that you are ready to enter the world of work.

Unlike lots of other colleges, you can join us at any point during the year once you’ve left secondary education. So take a look through our prospectus and see what we offer.