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Risk and Resilience

How has the summer period affected children at risk of exploitation?

Young people, sitting in a classroom with their backs to the camera, raise their hands to answer a question from the teacher at the front of the room. Overlaid is text that reads "Back to School Event Series"

As children and young people transition back to school, we are running a new webinar series, where we will be looking at some of the key issues affecting them during this time. The webinars are particularly relevant to professionals who work with children and young people, such as teachers, youth workers, and parents, as well as to policymakers and campaigners wanting to learn more about can be done to tackle these issues.

In this webinar, we will explore how the summer period and the cost-of-living crisis have impacted children and young people and increased the risk of exploitation. We will also be considering how professionals working with children and young people can spot the signs of exploitation and provide support throughout their transition back to school.

Our panellists will include:

  • Jess Edwards, Senior Advisor for Childhood Harms at Barnardo’s,
  • Megan Hall and Charlotte Carr, Caseworkers from the Safeguarding Children at Risk – Prevention and Action (SCARPA) programme at The Children’s Society, and
  • Jo Shuter, Headteacher at Catch22 Include London.