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Employability Summit

Inclusive recruitment and employment practice to support women

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As part of our Employability Summit series, this webinar, hosted with WORK180, explored the barriers women face in the workplace and positive examples of businesses working towards gender equality and inclusive recruitment practice.

Our panellists discussed a broad range of topics including how employability support for women can help those affected by gender violence or abuse, the concerns women have during the recruitment process such as flexible working, career development, remuneration, and internal culture, the importance of transparency in all diversity and inclusion work, and how employers can better support women to thrive.

Our panellists included:

  • Luminary Bakery Director of Charity and Social Impact, Rebecca Branch,
  • Work180 DEI Account Manager, Catherine Shooter,
  • Catch22 Partnerships and Engagement Manager, Natasha Takhar, and
  • a participant from the Catch22 Horizons programme.