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Online Harms

Online harms experienced by children and young people

A group of young people browse their phones whilst sitting on a wall. Overlaid is text that reads "Online Harms Research Hub".

The Social Switch Project recently conducted research to explore the impact, implications, and solutions to online harms, thanks to funding from the Mayor of London’s Violence Reduction Unit.

Launched at a virtual event, Online harms experienced by children and young people: acceptable use and regulation explores the experiences, voices, and opinions of children and young people.

Our panellists included:

From the insights of the children and young people who were engaged in this research, and the discussions that we had with stakeholders and professionals, the research settled on ‘7Rs’ which outline the actions we would like to see taken as a result of this research, in order to improve online spaces for young people in the future:

Speaking at the event, Lib Peck, Director of the Mayor of London’s Violence Reduction Unit said:

“This is everyone’s responsibility. This is all about the rights of young people, and this is the voice that needs to be listened to.”