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Employability Summit

Prison leavers and pathways to employment

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As part of our Employability Summit series, this webinar asked whether programmes to prepare prison leavers for employment are fit for purpose?

Bringing together job seekers, policy professionals, and employers, our participants discussed topics such as where skills shortages exist and how we can equip ex-offenders with the right skills to enter the job market, what employers can do to get the best out of prison leavers, and how we can create opportunities that meet the needs of both employer and employee.

Our panellists included:

  • Jason Benham from Kier Utilities and Rail | Water – discussing their work in prisons and their employment programme for ex-offenders, Making Ground
  • Louise Walter, HMPPS Rehabilitation Manager at DHL Supply Chain – discussing their work and contracts in prisons, and the opportunities they create beyond bars
  • Charlotte Gibb, Ban the Box Campaign Manager at Business in the Community – discussing what prisons and employers can do to create job market relevant opportunities