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Victim Support

What can be done to tackle fraud and support its victims?

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In this webinar, which is part of our Victims Webinar Series, we asked what can be done to tackle fraud and support its victims.

Fraud is a complex issue which, as the UK’s fastest rising crime type, requires a multi-agency and collaborative approach to tackle. This webinar looked at the issue of fraud from a variety of different perspectives.

We discussed how individuals can best protect themselves against fraud and scams, how organisations like Catch22’s Victim Services (Hertfordshire Beacon Victim Care, Nottinghamshire Victim CARE and Leicestershire Victim First) work to support victims of fraud, what the police response to fraud is and how it is investigated, and how the government can implement better policy to stop fraud at its source.

Our panellists included:

  • Simon Miller, Director of Policy and Communications at Stop Scams UK,
  • Mike Parsons, East Midlands Regional Policing Lead for Cyber and Economic Crime, and
  • Eva Hunt, Senior Caseworker at Nottinghamshire Victim CARE.

Summarising the discussion and asks put forward by each of our panellists, Simon Miller said:

“The key message is that fraud has gone from being something that was white collar or happened on street corners, to something that has become industrialised, digitalised and commercialised. We’ve made some good progress but there is still a long way to go. Until we get the policy framework in the right place, the scammers are always going to be two steps ahead.”