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Art education at Catch22 include PPP West London

Art teacher Mark Sinckler tells us about how in his classes, creating art provides a safe place for students to articulate their experiences and feelings.

21 April 2017

Meet Mark, teacher of Art, Craft & Design, Humanities and PSHE at Catch22 include PPP West London. We spoke with him about his role at Catch22 and the impact of art education ahead of his upcoming art show. Mark’s new drawings and paintings will be on show at The Muse Gallery on Portobello Road from Thursday 27th April until 14th May 2017.

Tell us about yourself and your background
‘I have been teaching at Catch22 include PPP West London for the last 6 years and prior to that I was running a company offering creative arts workshops for young people through schools and the youth service. I have a specialism in Graffiti Art from adolescence when I became absorbed in the art form and subculture, so we used to offer a range of Graffiti Art workshops up and down the country working with young people from different backgrounds. We were often tasked to inspire, guide, and engage with the most hard to reach young people within their communities.’

What does your role entail?
‘We offer a range of GCSEs here at Catch22 include PPP West London so my role is to help guide learners through the curriculum in a way that gives them the best opportunity of accessing the content, whilst bringing my knowledge and experience to bear so that students get as broad-based an education in these subjects as possible.’

Why do you think art education is important for young people?
‘Art, craft, and design helps those in challenging circumstances to articulate their experience through innovative thought and practice. Creative practice can help students to maintain mental health and well-being, and develop the courage and confidence to think innovatively and ambitiously.’

What you enjoy about your role?
‘What I most enjoy, is the challenge of helping young people who feel they are not creative whatsoever, or think they’re “rubbish at drawing” to discover new ways of expressing their emotional selves creatively. The experience of that process; going from zero confidence to beginning to understand the language of creativity and achieving results is priceless.’

Your upcoming art exhibition
‘In this series of drawings and paintings I present a gathering of artefacts, dignitaries, symbolic places and maps from an imagined citadel called Self Assurance; a type of totalitarian ‘state’ in crisis. Previously defined by an unflinching certainty, Self Assurance is going through a process of decline; disturbed by doubt and suspicion, unrecognisable to itself yet on a route to regeneration and rebirth. This body of work explores psychological and emotional states through the expression of mythological narrative.’

Visit Mark’s art exhibition

The show is at The Muse Gallery, 269 Portobello Road, London W11 1LR and runs from Thursday 27th April until 14th May 2017. The opening will be on Thursday 27th from 6.30 until 9.00 where there will be free drinks and prints and original work for sale. Mark’s son will also be giving a rap performance with some members of his Born To Succeed collective including live musicians.

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