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Education complaints, compliments and feedback policy

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Catch22 reserves the right to amend this policy, following consultation, where appropriate.

Date of last review: August 2023

Date of next review: August 2024

What is the policy about?

This policy sets out the procedure of making a complaint for parents and carers of our pupils. The procedure explains the process and detail of complaints made at:

  • Stage 1 – informal resolution
  • Stage 2 – formal resolution
  • Stage 3 – panel hearing
  • Complaints against Catch22

The policy reflects the requirements set out in Best practice guidance for school complaints procedures 2020.

Who does this policy apply to?

All Catch22 Education staff, pupils, parents/carers, volunteers, contractors, visitors, inspectors, and stakeholders.

Policy requirements

Catch22 welcomes suggestions and comments from parents and carers, and takes seriously concerns or complaints which may arise, as they can help us to improve the educational experience that we provide.

The aim of this procedure is to achieve a fair, effective and as rapid as possible resolution of parental concerns or suggestions about the education and/or welfare of individual pupils in the care of the school.

These procedures apply to all parents/carers of pupils and to prospective parent/carers of the school. A copy of this procedure is available on the school’s website and can also be obtained on request from the school office or Headteacher.

Should a pupil, a member of the community, or a stakeholder have any suggestions or concerns, they should also follow this procedure.

Any staff with concerns or suggestions should follow the procedures outlined within the Whistleblowing Policy.

Complainants must always be made aware of this complaints policy, of what stage their complaint is currently at, and the procedures of the complaint’s current stage should be made clear to complainants at each stage.

If a complaint involves an allegation against, or naming an employee of, Catch22, Catch22 or an agency worker engaged by the Academy then the following process must happen:

  • A triage call involving the Headteacher, HR and the Assistant Director of Catch22 must be arranged before any process is begun.
  • A decision made whether the allegation meets the threshold to inform the LADO.
  • A decision on whether this policy or the Managing Allegations Policy is most appropriate policy to be followed.

Key contacts

Complaints Officer (Catch22)
27 Pear Tree Street, London, EC1V 3AG

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