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Whistleblowing policy

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Catch22 reserves the right to amend this policy, following consultation, where appropriate.

Date of last review: September 2023

Date of next review: September 2026


Catch22 is committed to the highest possible standards of openness, probity and accountability.

This policy is designed to ensure that all who work or volunteer for Catch22 know how to raise major concerns that fall outside the scope of other internal policies and procedures and makes it clear that this can be done without fear of victimisation, subsequent discrimination or disadvantage. This Whistleblowing Policy is intended to encourage and enable employees to raise serious concerns within Catch22 rather than overlooking a problem or “blowing the whistle” outside.

What is the policy about?

There are procedures in place for you to lodge a grievance relating to your own employment. The Whistleblowing Policy is intended to cover major concerns that fall outside the scope of other procedures. These include:

  • conduct which is a criminal offence or a breach of law
  • disclosures related to miscarriages of justice
  • health and safety risks, including risks to the public as well as other employees
  • damage to the environment
  • the unauthorised use of funds
  • possible fraud and corruption
  • sexual, physical or verbal abuse
  • other unethical conduct

Thus, any serious concerns that you have about any aspect of service provision or the conduct of Catch22 or others acting on behalf of Catch22 can be reported under the Whistleblowing Policy. This may be about something that:

  • makes you feel uncomfortable in terms of known standards, your experience or the standards you believe Catch22 subscribes to; or
  • is against Catch22’s Policies and Procedures; or
  • amounts to improper conduct.

It is possible that in the course of your work for Catch22, you may identify an act by a third party, not acting on our behalf or part of our service provision arrangements, which raises a serious concern in your mind. Any such issues should be reported using the routes set out in this policy. While Catch22 cannot undertake to directly investigate such matters it will raise these on your behalf with the relevant agency.

Who is the policy for?

This policy applies to all Catch22 employees, workers and volunteers. It has been discussed with union representatives and has their support.

Policy statement

This policy aims to:

  • encourage you to feel confident in raising serious concerns and to question and act upon concerns about practice;
  • provide avenues for you to raise those concerns and receive feedback on any action taken;
  • ensure that you receive a response to your concerns and that you are aware of how to pursue them if you are not satisfied;
  • reassure you that you will be protected from possible reprisals or victimisation if you have a reasonable belief that you have made any disclosure in the public interest.
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