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Education: a Catch22 overview of our schools and approach

A teacher supports a little boy with artwork during class. Overlaid is a copy of the Catch22 Include logo.

For over 200 years Catch22 has designed and delivered services that build resilience and aspiration in people and communities. Our approach is based on the 3Ps. We believe people can thrive when they have good people, a purpose, and a safe place to live.

Catch22 provides alternative and special full-time and part-time education for young people displaying a wide range of complex barriers to education, including those who are excluded or at risk of exclusion and those with Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) needs or Special Educational Needs (SEN).

With an emphasis on transition and re-engagement back into mainstream education or employment, our four independent schools support vulnerable young people with challenging behaviours to realise their full potential, achieve academic and vocational targets, and progress into education, training and employment.

In 2022-23:

  • 227 students were supported by our Include schools
  • 66% of leavers went on to a positive destination
  • 85% of students achieved a Maths qualification


“I’m proud to be the Strategic Director for Justice & Education and lead on Catch22’s Education offer. Catch22 provides public services right across the welfare cycle, from child exploitation to employment programmes and youth justice to care leavers. Our vast expertise therefore perfectly positions us to deliver Special and Alternative Education to children and young people for whom mainstream education is not suitable.

“We believe that all young people deserve a high-quality and supportive education that is specific to their needs. Our Include schools are inclusive at their very core. They move away from the traditional mainstream model of learning and, instead, deliver teaching via a small and supportive environment designed to meet the needs of individual pupils and encourage learners to re-engage with education. Our staff teams, equipped with specialist skills, knowledge and understanding, support pupils to feel safe, stay healthy, enjoy learning and, ultimately, progress into sustained positive destinations. Whether pupils transition back into a mainstream school, further education, employment or training, our schools give students the tools they need to positively contribute to society and lead a happy and fulfilling life.”

– Lisa Smitherman, Strategic Director (Justice & Education)

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