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Catch22 Multi Academies Trust: Governance documents

Three students sit with their teacher looking at some work. Overlaid is the Catch22 Multi Academies Trust logo.

The Catch22 Multi Academies Trust (MAT) was established in 2013 in line with our strategic plan to sponsor and open a national family of academies to sit alongside Catch22 Education independent schools.

The mission statement of the Multi Academies Trust fully aligns with that of Catch22 Education:

To enable young people to progress and succeed in sustained education, training or employment.

We do this through engaging young people positively with their purpose through learning and future life aspirations. All our learners achieve positive outcomes, thrive and enjoy a quality education that is delivered by skilled, passionate people with high expectations in a place that is safe, high quality and appropriate.

Our vision for the MAT is that, by working to a “Blueprint“ for best in class alternative provision, the MAT increases its reach (numbers of young people it works with) by growing the number of alternative provision and specialist academies within its portfolio. The MAT has achieved expansion to 7 academies in 2022, through a mixture of securing further sponsorship opportunities and opening further free schools in partnership with commissioners.

The academies are being developed in existing Catch22 footprint areas and all serve a clear cohort of learners defined in the MAT Referral Policy. To ensure all its academies work towards outstanding provision – and provide meaningful outcomes for young people, including closing the attainment gap between its learners and their peers – the MAT objectives have been set as:

  1. To deliver in line with the MAT Blueprint for Education, focusing on high quality relationships with learners, academic outcomes and progression into Education or employment.
  2. To provide a curriculum that meets National guidelines and provides for the study of GCSE pathways and level 2 attainment for all students existing at key stage 4.
  3. Provides an approach to sustainable re integration back to mainstream up to end of year 10.
  4. Provides appropriate therapeutic and behaviour support in addition to high quality teaching and learning.
  5. Develop a high quality teaching and learning resource by building and sharing best practice across the Trust using systematic codified approach to relationships, teaching and wrap around support.

Full details of the Catch22 Multi Academies Trust’s governance structure can be found in the documents below.