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Catch22 delivery in HMP Thameside receives praise from HMIP inspection

Two prison workers walk through the grounds of HMP Thameside. Both carry notebooks. The prison can be seen in the background.

Catch22 delivers offender management and resettlement services at HMP Thameside, as well as a gangs service, aimed at decreasing the impact of gangs and gang-related violence in the prison. All three areas of delivery were highly praised in the inspection, with a number of best practice recommendations relating to areas which Catch22 is responsible for.

‘Impressive’ gangs work

The prison’s partnership with Catch22 to reduce gang violence was described as ‘innovative and effective’.

Our approach, ensuring gang rivals are kept apart, providing programmes which tackle gang violence behaviour and partnership working with agencies to support violence reduction in the prison and in the community was praised as ‘impressive’ by inspectors.

The inspection concluded that:

“Thameside had bucked the trend in comparable prisons as it had not experienced the huge rises in violence seen elsewhere. This was a significant achievement.”

Best practice offender management

Catch22 believes that building strong and trusting relationships with all those we work with, driving purpose in their lives and providing a good and safe place for them to live are fundamental to transforming their lives. Having designated, trained lifer staff to support and build relationships with prisoners with indeterminate sentences was called out by inspectors as ‘good practice’ for other establishments to replicate.

Another area highlighted as ‘good practice’ was the development of a wide range of in-cell workbooks for prisoners, which address areas such as relationships and communication skills and provide them with purposeful activity in their cells.

‘Comprehensive’ resettlement services

Resettlement services, delivered by Catch22, were also positively recognised in the inspection. Our trained resettlement workers offer housing advice, support finding employment following release and address finance, benefit and debt issues.

Inspectors found that ‘prisoners benefited from very strong partnership working’, resulting in initiatives such as ‘motivational’ recruitment fairs and employer visits, which provided them with a broad understanding of employment opportunities.

This positive recognition of Catch22’s work across the prison is testament to our relational approach, ensuring people are surrounded by a network of good people, that they have a purpose and are released to a good and safe place to live.