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Catch22 responds to the Serious Youth Violence report

Two young women sit on the floor together having a conversation. Sunlight streams through the window behind them.

The Home Affairs Select Committee has today released its 16th Serious Youth Violence report. The report considers the rise in serious youth violence, the key issues driving these trends, and whether the Government’s response matches the scale of the problem.

Chief Executive of Catch22, Chris Wright commented:

“Today’s report brings the issue of serious youth violence into focus once again. The impact of youth violence is devastating, and to solve it we must turn our attentions to the root causes of the problem.

“With the stakes so high, visionary rhetoric is necessary but is not sufficient. While a public health approach is grounded in evidence, success in places like Glasgow did not happen overnight.

“Any long term solution will require sustained, committed work across sectors. We need consistent services that support young people to stay away from violence, and we must equip communities with the tools to help themselves and their neighbours. Ultimately, people with fulfilling jobs, supportive friends and family, and somewhere good to live, commit less crime.”